Hi.. Welcome to my blog, Now I will tell you guys why I want continue my studying in  university. First I will to introduce my self.
My Name is Daria monica, you can call me is daria. I have brother, sister, and younger brother. I am from high school number one Ngabang, Landak regency.
My address is sepakat 2 street block T.
My date of birth October 25th,1998 at village Seluang Danau.
My hobbies are traditional dance, listen to music I like genre music reggae, pop, gospel, blues, R&B, and dangdut, waching to film romance, educate, and motivation. I have motivation in my life, the motivation is Ora et labora.
My motivation entering MIPA faculty is my parents. And my struggle for join to UNTAN, I don’t belief why I can join to MIPA. First my choise is farmasi not MIPA chemistry, but I  be grateful can  entering Tanjungpura University. As we know UNTAN is a one of the best university in west borneo. Every student who want enter in this university  should be fighting with other student from diferent district. And i so happy i can pass the test. And i proud with my strungle to entering Tanjungpura University.


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