Best skill in my life

Hello welcome back to my blog😝
Now I will telling about my skill 😍, my skill is dancing💃.
Dancing is my life, cause dancing make me happy.
Why me must happy?
Cause I can be myself and make happy people when they see me dancing.
I am start develop my skill from the time that my age 3th ago🐣.
I once dance in church, champion number 1 tari nugal naik dango XXIX 2014, champion number 1 tari nampi’ naik dango XXIX 2014, maintaining champion number 1 tari nugal XXX 2015, tari penyambutan, tari NKRI, tari pohon, tari jonggan, tari melayu.
Second my skill is singing😄.
Why me laugh? Cause I am happy I can singing although not as good as the famous singer😅.

But I ever be winner within a contest hahaha.
It is contest often contested in june or july.
I am not alone, but with my group. I am sopran singer within a group vocal.
The first time I can learn singing because I often follow activity OMK at church.
OMK is a organization catholic youth.
I am happy with my skill and without ever I developed I will not find any of my ability.
You are can see me singing, you can open link youtube .
I hope you like this video💕 thanks😁


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