Dear diary

Dear diary

Today mei 10th, 2017
Today is tired day for me๐Ÿ˜ซ.. statement, journal, practical work, university lecture and task.. but thanks for today God, I must spirit..

Today mei 11th, 2017
Keep spirit daria finised assignment activity HUT HIMKI so that program make people happy

Today mei 12th, 2017
Today I must finised assignment activity for HUT HIMKI with my group.  Keep spirit!!

Today mei 13th, 2017
Hello diary today I’m happy because Saturday night I go to church

Today mei 14th, 2017
Dear diary… what there are still many steps that I have to pass to get in HIMKI?

Today mei 15th, 2017
Very tired, help friend and finised assignment

Today mei 16th, 2017
Yeay today I’m happy and dizzy because I’m follow SBMPTN again๐Ÿ˜„

Today mei 17th, 2017
Hello today is practical work but I’m happy because I go to mall with my friend and we shopping

Today mei 18th, 2017
Confused day hah when I must choise meeting HIMKI or technical meeting IMASIKA, and much assignment have to finished.


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