my life without you

Hello guys welcome back to my blog😝
Do you cann't imagine life without? Oh My God😱  what this is question is hard or easy?😂
ya i will answer you're question...

I can not imagine life without youtube hahaha
Youtube has become part of my life, this is my soulmate😘. 
Youtube is my place for searching for all information, friend when bored, place release, 
friend when I am alone, it is always help me when I need focus or concentration, 
a friend when I was insomnia, make me laugh and it is make me happy.
Why youtube? Because in the kost was no televition hahaha. 
This is story of a student who does not have a televition in the kost. Pity youtube hahaha.
What in the search? i search about music, film, gossip, learn, knowledge, comedy, food, 
classy place, beautiful nature, art, something terrible and others. 
Anything you do not know will we know, but this is positive.
Cause I love music I get often searching information about music. 
Whatever this about music.  
Usually about gossip, oh my god! Hahahaha all about women is gossip.
I like youtubers are raditya dika, ria ricis, reza oktavian, clairine christabel, pita’s life, fitri tropica, 
Hivi, Raisa, music tulus, isyana vevo etc. 
They is my inspiration, they make me know about life💝.
Cause this I can not imagine life without youtube, I will be someone not know information about 
current development.
 Thank you for reading😁


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